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How to play Live Dragon Vs Tiger Slots

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Live Dragon Tiger is normally played with 8 decks and these are shuffled when only one deck is remaining, although this can be different between software providers.

An Ace is counted as low. A King is counted as 13, Queen 12, etc, etc.

Before any cards are dealt the player can place the following bets, but this will be dependent on the game supplier providing them (not all do!).

Dragon or Tiger – which will have a higher card.

A Tie – whether the cards will be the same value.

Dragon or Tiger Big – whether the card will be above 7. If it’s a seven the player loses the bet.

Dragon or Tiger Small – whether the card will be below 7. If it’s a seven the player loses the bet.

Dragon or Tiger Suit – Whether the card will be Heart/Diamond/Spade or Club. If the card is a seven the player loses the bet.

If you have bet on Dragon / Tiger and the result is a tie 50% of your bet is returned to you. The remaining is taken as commission.

Dragon Tiger is available at 6 Live Casino Providers (if you exclude the Asian providers like Asia Tech Live).

For European players Playtech, Evolution, On-Air Entertainment, Ezugi, Pragmatic, and XPG have versions, so here’s a quick rundown of the differences between them.

Side Bets

If you want a good selection of Side Bets, pick one of the Playtech Casinos or XPG Casinos to play at. Their games have more side bets than anyone else.

The suited side bet is only available at XPG casinos, and the Odd/Even, Black/Red is available at On Air.


The Evolution, On-Air and Pragmatic versions pay Ties at 11:1, while at Playtech, you get 10:1, and at XPG & Ezugi, you’ll only see 8:1.

Playing Interfaces

If you like a slick, modern-looking environment, head to Evolution Casinos. The Playtech one is a bit dark.

Road Maps

All versions come with Roadmaps. In my opinion, the ones from Evolution and Pragmatic are easier to read.

Game rounds are quick wherever you play.